Portal Summoners

Portal Summoners is a fusion game between slot and RPG. Player can have multiple characters that he uses to combat villains and protect the world. Creatures come to the game world from another dimension through stone portals. During normal game after spin reel symbols not only can give cash awards, but also power up player's characters. Characters attack creatures displayed on the top of the screen taking they live points. Creatures with zero live points disappear back to their world.

Every character can evolve throughout the game and become stronger. Reel symbols can activate certain characters and give them energy to attack or defend against dangerous creatures.

Depending on how many and type of characters that accompany the player different attacks can be used. Player can also defend himself from creatures attacks when certain symbols appear on the reels.

Through the game player can develop his companions. There are three main factors to upgrade. Attack, Defence and Health Points.

Even if player doesn’t win during the spin he can still attack his opponents. Every symbole gives attack and defence points and some combination can even heal player's companions.

Warrior gets double points for battle if player scored symbol with axes and the shield at least once during the battle.

Investing time in character development and discovering new creatures keeps players interested in to the game for much longer.

Every creature can evolve as well. Some of them can even evolve during the battle.

Combining slot game with RPG is a step into more immersive gameplay and new form of entertainment.

During the game creatures can drop some cash prices after being hit by magic spell or other character’s attack.