Space Odyssey is a 20 lines slot game with two Bonus Rounds and Free Spins. Players fallow the story of spaceship and it’s crew lost in vast univers.

They have to face a villain called King Volt and his minions, avoid dangerous asteroids and get back home safely.

During the game player can visit multiple planets, and galactics

In the main manu player can decide which planet to visit available from those on the screen. The higher player’s level the more planets available to him.

Console has the look and feel of spacecraft cockpit.

Player can access Bet Settings by clicking on the settings button on the left hand side.

Autoplay panel can be used to set values such as amount of spins, amount of loss exceeds and value of a single win.

Autoplay panel can be minimised at any time to insure the full view of the game.

Bonus Rounds remain of arcade style games. Still there is only element of luck that factors amount of awards won.

Bonus Round 1 - Player has to click on asteroids in order to destroy them to clean up the path for spaceship. Some asteroids are full of precious resources, some are not. Player has 20 seconds to go through the asteroid storm. If player doesn’t click on asteroids spaceship will collide with asteroids and destroy them. Spaceship accelerates throughout the bonus round as time passes.

Bonus 2 - Player has to point at asteroids flying towards him and destroy them. Player has 20 seconds to go through the asteroid storm. Asteroids accelerate throughout the bonus round as time passes.

Every character was first designed, rigged and animated in 3d, and then mastered in Photoshop for the final look.

Layla is a mechanic. She takes care of all maintenance and functionality of the spacecraft.

Captain likes to impress, and this got them lost in space in first place, if he only didn’t bet with robot Wivi and set space jump to random.

King Vlot was bored to the limits. Alone in space for eions. When the spacecraft passed through his territory and he saw Beautyful Layla he fell in love and chases the ship eversince.

Wivi is a super intelligent robot navigator, unfortunately he gets overload quiet often due to his recent incident with King’s Volt minions.

King’s Volt minions are rather brainless creatures ready to do whatever their master tells them. They can shoot high power electric balls when they get bit to excited.