Steam Fighter is a 20 lines slot game with two Bonus Rounds and Free Spins. Player can choose three different characters to play as.

Characters are pilots of battle machines used in combats in Bonus 1. Bonus 2 is a shooting range training, HIT/MISS style game. Characters can level up through the game and get better battle machines.

Baroness Essex, Lord Blackwood and Dr. Lovecraft are the three best pailots of Britanica.

The Game

Game is inspired by steampunk design style. Game is build into bigger Universe called Steam Empire provides a background for many games in this style.

There are 9 Battle Machines in total. Each has different attack and defence animations.

Main Menu

After game loads player is presented with three options. They can start the game, choose a character or find out more about the game from Paytable pages.

Baroness Essex has rather mysterious past. Widow after greatest Robot pilot of all the times, his best battle companion and person with supernatural powers. First ever female pilot in whole Britanica.

Choose a Champion

Choose a champion page offers 3 characters to choose from. During normal game characters will assist player and react to the console actions. Player can swap between different characters during the normal game by clicking on character icon. Every character can level up independently. Based on character level they can pilot different battle machines in Bonus Round 1.

Baroness Essex

Lady of a mysterious past. Apparently found in dark streets of London with complete loss of memory. Soon became famous for her beauty and amazing combat skills. Married to pioneer of World Olympics. For long time she fought along his side. Before robots were brought Olympics were a different game all together. Very brutal. She knows this best, her mistake cost her husband life.

Lord Blackwood

Aristocrat, typical ladies man and show off. His expensive live led him to take part in combats to seek fortune and fame. Always ready for new adventures and challenges. When he is not busy fighting in International Machin Olympics, he travels the world in search of secret treasures.

Dr. Lovecraft

Mystic with a deep understanding of alchemy. One of his experiments mutated his human body in to octopus like creature. Many think he is a dangerous lunatic. He was one of leading scientists to create battle machines. Pushed away from society he fund a way back by join Olympics. Loved and hated at the same time, super intelligent man with a wicked mind.

Great at close range combat, brave but some would say recless. Lord is known for his temper not only during machine fights.


Normal game interface includes spin button, auto spin button that activates options menu, buttons for “bet per line” and “lines” amount. Information about credit available, Winnings, level of active character,total bet and buttons linked to “Choose a champion” section as well as Paytable, and sound On/Off switch designed in the way that they look like a part of steampunk machine cockpit.

His close to madness desire to find philosopher's stone pushed Dr. Lovecraft to search in to the field of dark alchemy. Some say he is a human incarnation of Thulu.


Autoplay panel allows player to set multiple variables for the auto play mode. After all settings are arranged player can press start button, sit back and observe the game. In addition mini panel is available for player to observe settings without losing the view on the game.

During Bonus 1 player exchanges cards for two values. Real cash wins and energy that powers the combat machine. Player can lose the battle, but win a lot in cash as those two are not related. Yet every won battle gives extra points to player to level up.

Bonus 1

At the beginning of Bonus 1 player is instructed to choose five out of seven cards. One by one cards power battle machines and generate real cash wins. Amount of energy is shown in blue vertical bar, cash is represented by gold vertical bar. Slot symbols appearing in the machine heart show estimated strength of the card chosen by the player.

Bonus 2

Bonus 2 is a shooting range game. Sets of three appear in front of the player. Player has to aim and shoot one of the robots. Hit/Miss label will appear depending of the players luck. All cash wins are collected at the end of the bonus round and displayed on bonus screen before going back to normal game.

Every character and robot has set of unique animations triggered by game actions. All animations were created using 3d models and polished in 2d software for even better classy look.

Free Spins

During free spins background music and visuals change. Champion is replaced by battle machine initiating every free spin.

Every character and robot has set of unique animations triggered by game action. All animations were created using 3d models and polished in 2d software for even better look.


All other rules and information are displayed in Paytable screenshots below.